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Using the liquid as our canvas and fueled by our love for the complexity of the flavors nature has to offer, we created a series of replenishment liquids where devotion, appreciation for quality and attention to detail always comes first.

Organic Taste Base

Starting with the purest form of glycerin VG is a key step in our process of maintaining quality control. With USP grade, from non-genetically modified sources, and allergen-free is the basis for all our fluids.

We have replaced propylene glycol PG with propanediol Bio PDO (also known as plant propylene glycol) - a 100% natural equivalent made from ingredients of natural origin. Specific for people with allergy or sensitivity to propylene glycol, odorless and neutral, with certificates such as EcoCert, USDA (100% organic), s-GRAS et al., and whose production process causes 70% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to propylene glycol.

Top Quality Nicotine

100% natural product extracted from tobacco leaves and then filtered at the highest standards. Higher purity, over 99%, of top quality that not only meets but also exceeds USP and EP standards.